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FAQ about our Language Schools

Here you can find the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about our Spanish language schools and student apartments.

At which base does Study & Enjoy select language schools?

Our selection of the language schools is based on:
– Price, quality and experience of the school
– All schools are credited by Instituto Cervantes
– The location of the language school
– The amount of individual attention that they give to students


Will there be WiFi available at the language school?

At all of our selected language schools you can benefit from free WiFi.


What is a DELE certificate?

DELE is the abbreviation of ‘Diploma de Espanol como Lengua Extranjera’. If you pass a DELE exam you will receive a certificate for Spanish as a foreign language for a certain level. A DELE certificate is the only Spanish language certificate that is internationally recognized. Instituto Cervantes (the biggest international organization specialized in the Spanish language) grants this certificate as a proof of knowledge of the Spanish language.


Is it possible to book the course without booking an apartment?

Of course! We help you anytime, also with adjusted requirements.


How does the payment work?

You can book your course at the page of the language school you prefer. After you booked the course and made the deposit you will receive a confirmation of your booking. In this document we will explain how you can realize the rest of the payment.


Is it possible to change or cancel my course when I already booked?

Yes, this is possible. This means you can modify your course whenever you want. If you want to cancel your course, the consequence is that you don’t receive the deposit in return.


How is my level of Spanish defined for a suitable class?

After the confirmation of your booking you will be requested to complete a level test. Based on these test results, your level is determined. After attending your first class you can switch your class if the level is too low or too high.


What should I bring to my first class?

The most important things are a pencil and a notebook. Don’t forget your enthusiasm as well! Teaching material will handed out at school or you can buy it at school.


How long does it take to increase my Spanish level?

This depends on the number of lessons you attend per week. If you attend an intensive course of 20 hours per week, you probably will increase your level within a month.


When will I receive a certificate?

By the end of the course you will receive a certificate with your Spanish level accredited by Instituto Cervantes. Notice that this is an other certificate than the DELE certificate (for receiving this you need to pass the DELE exam).


FAQ about our accommodations


What is the minimum stay?

The minimum stay in an accommodation is 2 full weeks (student apartment or host family).


Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, the deposit is €100. You will get this amount in return by the time you leave, in terms that everything is left in the same condition.


Do I have to pay extra for electricity, WiFi, gas and water?

No you do not have to pay extra. All costs are included in the monthly price of €280 (single room) or €325 (double room). You do not have to worry about any unexpected costs.


With how many students do I share a student apartment?

Generally a student apartment has 4 bedrooms. That mean that you will share your student apartment with 3 other international students. Every room has its own key to lock and unlock the door.


What is included in the fully equipped of the kitchen in a student apartment?

The kitchen is equipped with a cooker, oven, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, tableware and cutlery.